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"Young ladies were very courteous, very professional and caring, and a real pleasure to work with. Very pleased to have all of them do my therapy."

Eddie Held
Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"It was great! I can walk again."

Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Thanks to all of you for the attention given to me and making me whole again."

Benjamin Glaudi
Former Patient
New Orleans, LA

"I looked forward to each therapy session, just knowing the staff was there to help me and make me feel comfortable."

Amy Lobre
Former Patient
Meraux, LA

"I had shoulder surgery in May 2015 and my doctor told me that my recovery would take 6 to 9 months. I started physical therapy in August 2015 and my last day is October 20. With the help of the staff of Bridges Physical Therapy I was able to recover sooner than expected. The staff are courteous and very caring and I will always recommend Bridges to everyone. I thank God that I made the right choice to come to Bridges Physical Therapy."

Ray Dacula
Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Everyone was very helpful and encouraging throughout my recovery. The scheduling was very accommodating to my needs."

Chester Vidacovich, Former Patient
St Bernard, LA

"The entire staff was friendly, courteous, and informative. Not pushy in the least but always ensured the exercises were being done properly."

Tarell Bilbo, Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Everyone was so kind and loving. Everyday I came it was always enjoyable to be able to come to a place that you always see a smile on the therapists and worker's faces. You can tell they enjoy their job, most of all they care for your recovery."

Denise Terrebone, Former Patient
Arabi, LA

"Everything was great."

Jobie Pellegrini, Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Everyone was very friendly and very professional. I could not have done as well as I did with my rehab without the service I was provided. Great job!"

Charles Borchers, Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"The staff at Bridges always understood where I was physically and helped me progress, reach my goals, and get back to the physical activity that I love."

Melissa Nunez, Former Patient
Meraux, LA

"I would highly recommend Bridges to anyone I know."

Eddie Pitts, Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Bridges is awesome! I will recommend you to everyone."

Linda Vanaman, Patient
Arabi, LA

"Y'all are awesome. I could not have done it without you. You girls pushed me!"

Kameron Black, Patient
Meraux, LA

"I am walking out of Bridges with more than full motion and use after my knee replacement. All because of the extra work and dedication of the entire staff. Great job, thank you!"

Sherry Scott, Patient
Chalmette, LA

"This was my first experience with PT and it has been a great one! I would use Bridges again if needed. They're the best!"

Diane Turner, former patient
Chalmette, LA

"Bridges was terrific, cooperative, and accommodating."

Lewis Bantaa, former patient
St. Bernard, LA

"Bridges Physical Therapy gave me my life back through increasing the range of motion and taking away the pain."

Susan Klees, Patient
Meraux, LA

"I had been through physical therapy before, but was discouraged by my lack of improvement. In one week, Jodi did more with me than my previous therapist had done in six months. Jodi's strongest point as a physical therapist is her sincere interest in the progress of her patients. She encourages improvement enthusiastically. As a matter of fact, I call her my little cheerleader. Her expertise in therapy and her upbeat attitude are helping me to cross the bridge to recovery."

Rhonda Jones, Former Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Jodi and her staff have been a tremendous resource through the course of my therapy. Both personal and professional, they have given me the one-on-one attention needed to achieve my goals."

Melissa Rollins, Patient
Arabi, LA

"Bridges Physical Therapy has a friendly, caring staff, from the front desk to the physical therapists. Jodi and Ginny are excellent PT's. The aides, Brooke and Scott, keep me moving. I'm always greeted enthusiastically by the office staff. I'm glad I come to Bridges to do my therapy."

"I was referred to Bridges by a friend. I hesitated because of the distance to Chalmette. It turned out to be an excellent choice for me. I was thrilled with the progress I made at Bridges following my heart attack. It was well worth those trips across the bridge!"

Ruth Ishee, Former Patient
Gretna, LA

"The people at Bridges are the best! Each time I go for therapy, I'm impressed with their genuine concern for me. They're a cheerful bunch who make therapy more bearable."

Nell Russell, Patient
Chalmette, LA

"Jodi Bridges-Lemoine's clinical techniques and treatment methods are well reasoned, gentle and remarkably effective. My patients routinely recovered from their injuries and surgical procedures far more expeditiously under Jodi's care than other therapists I worked with."

Dr. Patrick Bays, Orthopedic Surgeon
Seattle, WA

"She spent more time with my patients than any other PT I have referred to."

Dr. Mark Scheffield, Physician
Reading, PA

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